I’m delighted to be involved in the UKESF’s #TurnOnToElectronics campaign, which is shining a welcome spotlight on careers in Electronic Engineering. Often incorrectly seen as one of the less glamorous STEM areas, studying Electronics can lead to an exciting and creative career, which enables students to make a real difference in the world. The UKESF is doing a fantastic job of encouraging more young people to study Electronics and embark on careers in one of the world’s most important and dynamic industries.

Georgie Barrat
Technology Journalist & Broadcaster

Meet Georgie Barrat

Media Ambassador for #TurnOnToElectronics

Georgie Barrat is a leading technology journalist and broadcaster. She presents ‘The Gadget Show’ on Channel 5 and is the resident tech expert for ITV’s ‘Weekend’, as well as writing about tech for publications such as Marie Claire and Metro, and commenting on tech news stories on BBC Radio 2 and talkSPORTS.

Georgie is passionate about encouraging 11–14-year-olds to study STEM subjects at GCSE and beyond. As a journalist, her mission is to provide a fresh view on tech, leaving behind the old-fashioned male-skewed angle.

Find out more about Georgie’s experiences in tech and what she’s excited about for the future of the industry in the Q&A below.

What is the best thing about being a Tech journalist and how have you used your position as an influencer to promote tech for good?

“The best thing about being a tech journalist is that I get to go around the world testing out the latest gadgets and seeing what big tech trends are set to change the way we live and work. Tech now touches every aspect our lives, so to get a sneak preview as to what is on the horizon is thrilling. I’m really passionate about getting more girls to study STEM subjects and pursue a career in tech. It’s such a vibrant sector, with huge opportunities to be entrepreneurial and work with some incredibly talented people.”

In light of the growing Electronics skills crisis, how do you think we can get more young people excited about this sector?

“I think it’s all about shouting from the rooftops all the different opportunities there are in this sector. Currently 66% of employers in the Electronics sector are looking to hire staff – so there are so many jobs up for grabs. Finding role models to talk about their professional journeys and what the work culture is like, is vital in getting the message out there.”

It’s great that you are supporting the UKESF’s #TurnOnToElectronics campaign, what inspired you to do so?

“I think it’s a great cause to get behind because it’s changing people’s perceptions of the UK Electronics industry. If you don’t know what a career in Electronics involves, it’s easy to discount it. But if someone said you could have job creating mind-blowing tech that solves problems and makes peoples’ lives better – you’d think ‘what’s not to love?!'”

What is exciting you about Electronics at the moment?

“Think how many times you a look at your phone a day, what it enables you to do and how it has changed the world. Your smartphone is powered by electronics, many of which have been designed in the UK. Imagine being part of a team that has created something that touches so many lives. Electronic engineers are helping shape the way we live.”

Looking into your crystal ball, what is the next big trend for Technology?

“We are already seeing the magic of AI in things like Alexa, Siri and Google Translate. It won’t be long until we will have instant in-ear translators allowing us to speak to anyone from any country. AI also powers self-driving cars. In our lifetime we will be buying cars that don’t contain steering wheels. I love the thought that I could jump in my car at night, go to sleep and wake up in Scotland!”

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