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Companies can find out more about the UKESF and their work here.
Companies can make a real difference and help promote Electronics in schools by supporting our “Electronics Everywhere” project. Click here to find out why it’s important and how you can help a local secondary school. “Electronics Everywhere” shows young people how engaging Electronics can be. In collaboration with the University of Southampton, we provide specially designed circuit boards to teach core Electronics concepts to A-level students in Physics (the Music Mixer) and Computer Science (the Logic & Arithmetic Kit).


The “Electronics Everywhere” projects are supplied free of charge to schools in the state sector; they come with CPD training for teachers and a range of supporting materials. To find out how to get your school involved, please sign up to the “Electronics Everywhere” mailing list here.


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The UKESF is a charity that encourages young people to study Electronics and pursue careers in the sector. We also help Electronics students at UK universities gain work experience with leading employers. If you would like to make a donation to help our work then please click here.

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#TurnOnToElectronics is managed by the UKESF, an educational charity established in 2010 to promote skills in Electronics for the benefit of the UK and society. Its principal mission is to encourage more young people to study Electronics and to pursue careers in the sector. It operates collaboratively with major companies, leading universities and other organisations to tackle the skills shortage in the Electronics sector. Through a prestigious Scholarship Scheme, it connects the most capable Electronics students at top UK universities with leading employers.

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