What is Electronics?

So what actually is Electronics? This is a question we are often asked. Who better than some students studying Electronics at university to give their thoughts and answers to this question…

“Electronics is about bringing your ideas to life … There can be a lot of theory and equations, but equally you get to spend time in the lab building gadgets that interact with the world. By studying Electronics I have been able to build things like my own burglar alarms, motion detectors (if anyone enters my room I can tell!) and lights that react to music – which makes it pretty cool to play the piano!”

Kasper, University of Edinburgh

“Electronics is at the core of everything surrounding us; not only tech gadgets, but also simple objects such as blenders, microwaves and washing machines. If you want to really know how the objects you see around you and use every day work, then Electronics is the perfect choice for you.”

Nicola, Imperial College London

Sir John Fleming invented the first electronic device, the vacuum tube, in 1904

"It’s not all complicated Maths and fiddly circuitry." Louisa, University of Southampton

Electronics allows technology to be created that was once unimaginable

“Electronics gives us an opportunity not only to understand the world around us, but to also interact with it, and to create whole new realities of our own.”

Gareth, Newcastle University

“Electronics is at the centre of modern society. Almost everything that you do involves or did involve electronics at some point, from the technology in your phone to the design of your shoe. This involved and evolving subject will capture the imagination, as logical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills are applied to achieve an end result that, to the uninformed, may be indistinguishable from magic.”

Ben, University of Edinburgh

Electronics: A Brief History

Electronics plays such a big part in everyday life, it is easy to take for granted. However, the story of Electronics is a relatively short one, full of excitement and innovation. We asked one of our student friends to tell the story of Electronics

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