TT Electronics

TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical application. We design and manufacture electronics that sense, manage power and connect to other things – and often these products are mission-critical, operating in harsh environments. With headquarters in Woking, UK, TT Electronics employs around 5,000 staff across sites in the UK, US and Asia, with 21 operational locations and seven sales and engineering offices. Our design and manufacturing engineers are experts in their field. We address three core areas, backed by our global manufacturing footprint:

  • Sensing: current sensing, signal conditioning, optoelectronics, torque, position, pressure, flow and temperature.
  • Power: electromagnetics, circuit protection, RF power, power modules, discrete transistors & diodes, power systems, management and control.
  • Connectivity: sensor platforms, gateway platforms, hub platforms.

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Some of our parts travel 1.2 billion km. TT Electronics components can be found in applications all over the world… and across the solar system. We have supplied parts for many space missions, including Cassini-Huygens, which entered Saturn's atmosphere on 15 September 2017.

We manufacture diplexer units for an Oil and Gas application, which operate within a pressure vessel on the seabed in the Norwegian Troll oilfield. To find these products you would need to dive over 300m.

We manufacture high reliability wound electromagnetic components, in wire thicknesses down to 45-60 AWG. This ultra-fine wire is 1/8 the thickness of an average human hair, we have wound >5000km of this wire, with a total of over 1million solder connections.

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