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The Science & Technology Facilities Council is one of the UK’s seven Research Councils, responsible for supporting, coordinating and promoting research, innovation and skills development. STFC supports universities, provides access to leading facilities and has Science and Innovation Campuses closely coupled to its National Laboratories to promote academic and industrial collaboration.

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) has a large and diverse microelectronic design activity, from sensors to high-speed, high-volume data acquisition systems. You can find our electronics under the mountains of Switzerland as part of the Lard Hadron Collider and in scientific satellites orbiting the earth.

STFC’s Microelectronics Support Centre has a long history of supporting the electronic systems skills pipeline and enabling industrially relevant research in over 650 academic institutes Europe-wide via the Europractice initiative.

STFC is highly committed to the promotion of STEM activities.

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Scientists at RAL come to work every day because they want answers to some of science’s biggest questions

RAL’s pioneering work addresses some of the important challenges facing society

RAL is named after the physicists Ernest Rutherford and Edward Appleton, and has approx. 1,200 staff working on site

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