Plextek develops breakthrough technology solutions, creates and licenses intellectual property and provides business consultancy for clients across a diverse range of industries worldwide. For more than 25 years, the company has been helping clients create innovative ideas, taking concepts and early research through the development stage and into production.

Plextek have pioneered world-leading solutions for radar sensing and detection, sensors for autonomous systems and advanced wireless communication networks for smart city applications, to name a few. All these projects require the brightest minds to deliver them and if you thrive on variety, learning new skills and an exciting challenge, this is the place to be.

We tackle today’s hardest engineering problems across sensing, data collection and communications and do this through an open environment that encourages the discussion of ideas and the independence to explore them fully. We believe that every person at Plextek is critical to achieving commercial success and supporting our client’s developments; cultivating like-minded individuals through our internship programme.

Plextek are proud to be supporting the #TurnOnToElectronics campaign and encourage more students to follow a career in electronic engineering.

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We have deployed some of the world’s largest Internet of Things systems, with one smart city communication network containing over one million nodes

We have developed and delivered a radar that detects foreign object debris on runways and taxiways, capable of discriminating a 2cm nut and bolt from up to 400 metres away

Our expertise ranges from antennas and propagation, data exploitation and communication systems through to embedded systems, product design and manufacturing

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