Moortec is a great example of a UK Electronic Engineering success story, providing monitors and sensors that are found within today’s cutting edge silicon chips, helping to increase their reliability and optimise performance. Monitoring conditions on microchips has become essential in the modern digital industry. You may well have some Moortec technology in your hands right now, hidden deep within your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Moortec’s designs are also now being utilised within a range of other emerging technology areas, such as automotive, IoT and high performance computing for datacentres and AI applications.

With headquarters in the Plymouth Science Park, Moortec has made huge advances in the Semiconductor industry thanks to its highly skilled team of Plymouth-based designers, technicians and engineers.

We are always looking for the bright engineers of the future and whatever type of electronics you are interested in whether it be analog or digital design, a good place to start would be an engineering degree such as a BEng or and MEng.  Moortec offer internships for university students and are committed to investing in the future of electronics and encouraging more students into an engineering career.

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Our products address challenges that are faced by many different industries the world over.

We help to increase the reliability and optimise performance of silicon chips.

Our technology could be in your hands right now, hidden deep within your mobile phone.

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